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24” Tall Red Antique Ceramic Birdbath


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  • Dimensions: 18"L x 16"W x 24"H 
  • Made with ceramic 
  • Weighs 20 lbs
  • 1 year manufacturer’s warranty


Birdbaths are the best way to liven up your garden, especially one that comes in this color. The red color of this birdbath will contrast well with the green color of your garden, and putting it somewhere with just the right amount of sunlight would make it look even better. Soon enough, you’ll have a lot of birds chirping in your garden. Wouldn’t this be a great way to wake up every morning? Now, your garden looks just like a scene from a fairytale. The attention to detail given to this garden decoration is particularly striking, considering how realistic the birds look like. It’s a perfect way to accentuate your garden.


This ceramic birdbath will not only attract birds to your backyard, your guests and neighbors will love it too! Featuring a classic design, an elegant material and a beautiful red color, it’ll surely be a wonderful centerpiece for your property. Since it’s made of ceramic, you have to be careful on where to place this. Don’t place it in an area prone to danger. Also, this comes with a 1 year manufacturer’s warranty.

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