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Which Fountain Should I Get?

Fountains have come a long way from its humble beginnings way back in ancient times. Back then, its main purpose was to store and to provide water but nowadays, these fountains are more of a decorative element – a tourist spot in some cities and a focal point in most gardens. Given that people pay attention to fountains, you might want to put in extra effort in getting the best fountain. The most common concern about water fountains is what kind of design to get. Continue reading


What You Need to Know about Bird Feeders

Bird feeding is no longer just a hobby, but it’s becoming a popular trend among homeowners. Your garden could always use a bit more color and life, and this is something that plants alone cannot solve. With a bird feeder in your garden, you’re sure to attract different species of birds to your garden. For those who live in the city, you’re usually itching to have more of nature in your home. As more and more people are getting into this trend, manufacturers are also coming up with different types and designs of bird feeders.
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What Wall Fountains can Do for your Home

Gone are the days when fountains come in rather limited designs and styles, which in turn limit how you can make use of them. Today, more and more fountains are being made in different styles and designs. These include tabletop fountains and even wall fountains, which change how we think about fountains. Of course these fountains retain their aesthetic quality but aside from that, they’re also becoming functional. Let’s take a closer look at these wall fountains.
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tabletop fountain

The Many Faces of Tabletop Fountains

Gone are the days when simple flower vases make the best table centerpiece. Nowadays, people are getting more creative and innovative when it comes to interior design. Consider this – who would have ever thought that those huge, extravagant fountains can one day become a table centerpiece? These “mini-fountains” bring a little bit of nature into your home, and can be a quick (and permanent!) fix for those whose homes cannot accommodate big fountains.
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garden lighting

Some Garden Lighting Ideas

During the day, you have the sunlight as a source of lighting for your garden. But come nighttime, what lighting do you have for your garden? Don’t let your lack of lighting get in the way of you enjoying your garden during the evening. Your garden can be the perfect place for dinner parties, or those nights where you just feel like staying out. Aside from that, having your garden even a little lit up at night can also serve as protection for your family. As opposed to total darkness, the lights allow you to see if anyone suspicious is lurking around in your backyard.
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