A More Conducive Workplace with an Office Fountain

Depending on how you view your job, your workplace can either be a stressful place or a relaxing yet productive place. If you’re having a hard time accomplishing tasks, don’t always blame it on laziness or difficulty of the task – it might just be your work area. You probably need to do something to make your office more conducive to work. For instance, if your office makes you feel stressed, you might need something to enhance the relaxing atmosphere. This will help you work more efficiently.

office fountain
Shopping for a fountain for your office is no different from shopping for a fountain for your home. You might want to tone down the design, however, especially if you have meetings and conferences in your office. Another thing you might want to consider is the size of the fountain relative to the size of your office. For this reason, most people opt for a tabletop fountain for their office. Aside from allowing you to feel relaxed, this allows you to have a mini-vacation without having to leave the office.

For your office fountain, you have two options available – either tabletop or wall fountains. Both of these designs offer you the advantage of being a space saver. With a wall fountain, all you need is a bare area in your wall. A tabletop fountain might take up an entire corner of your table so if you have a small office table, a wall fountain might be a better choice. But if you have a corner table all for your tabletop fountain, then by all means, purchase that design. A wall fountain, however, might be a bit bigger. You might need a huge space on your wall for this, so if we’re talking about a cubicle, a small tabletop fountain is the better option.

So what benefits can you get from having a fountain in your office? As mentioned, this will make your work area more conducive to productivity. It brings a sense of calmness into your office, while the sound of flowing water drowns out more stressful background noises typical of most office settings. If you’re becoming too stressed with the workload, you can also focus your attention on the sound of flowing water to relax you and to help you think more clearly. Second, just like any other fountain, a fountain adds humidity to the dry air in your office. For office buildings with central heating, too dry air is a common problem and this can cause dry skin, whether you notice it or not.

If you want a more personal touch to your fountain, you can also add essential oils to the water for a more fragrant office. Some of these oils are also associated with soothing effects. These include lavender, chamomile and peppermint. This aromatherapy can make your workplace even more conducive!

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