All you Need to Know about Birdbaths

You might think that birdbaths are rather overrated, but it’s time you think again. You might have a variety of beautiful plants in your backyard, but what’s a beautiful garden without a birdbath to go with it? You’ll be surprised at the wonders a birdbath can do for your garden. After all, there’s just something about birds that bring a pleasant atmosphere to the garden. Perhaps it’s their color or the chirping sounds they make that allow your backyard to look like a scene from a fairytale.


Birdbath vs. Bird Feeder

The thing with bird feeders is that it only attracts the species of birds that actually eat the seed you put in it. But with a birdbath, you attract any species of bird. Once you have a birdbath in your garden, you might be surprised to see different types of birds you’ve never seen before dropping by for a bath. Another plus is that a bird bath adds a more decorative element to your garden, and if you get one with a fountain, you also get to enjoy the smooth and relaxing sound of flowing water.

What do I need to know before buying a birdbath?

Your birdbath offers a place where birds can bathe, drink water and even socialize with other birds. So, you want to make your birdbath as good as possible. Here are a few things you need to remember once you have your birdbath installed.

  • Clean Water – This is perhaps the easiest to maintain when it comes to birdbaths. Fresh, clean water is the best method to attracting birds to your garden.
  • Shallow Water – You should make sure that the water isn’t too deep – in fact, the water shouldn’t be deeper than 3 inches in the center and should be shallower towards the sides.
  • It’s all about positioning! – Make sure your birdbath is away from shady and shrubbery areas. If you have cats at home, make sure your birdbath is tall and far enough – you might want to consider a pedestal in this case.

What birdbath should I buy?

  • Solar Birdbaths – If you want to spend less when it comes to your electricity bills, then this is a good option. All you need to do is find a sunny spot for your birdbath, and you’re good to go.
  • Fountain Birdbaths – Since birds love the sound and feel of moving water, they’ll definitely love this kind of birdbath. Depending on your local climate, you can purchase either a heated birdbath or an ordinary one.
  • Pedestal Birdbath – This is the most common type of birdbath, with the bath being raised on a pedestal.

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