Alpine Rainforest Fountains

There’s nothing more captivating than a water feature in your garden. Ponds, waterfalls or even a pool have the ability to elevate an otherwise lifeless garden in a whole new way. However, not all of us have the means, expertise or even the patience to build or maintain these things. Garden fountains and birdbaths are excellent substitutes for them. A product line that I love is Alpine’s Rainforest Fountains.

alpine fountains
Like the one pictured, the material resembles rock or wood and water cascades down these fountains like waterfalls. With built-in LEDs, these fountains make even more of a statement. These fountains are also made of fiberglass allowing you to place them practically anywhere without worrying about it breaking down. They’re also pretty lightweight so it won’t give you any trouble moving them around.

If you want to recreate a natural rainforest or even just the natural ambiance it brings, take a look at Alpine’s Rainforest Fountains.

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