Bring Zen to your Home with Asian-Themed Fountains

Fountains are no longer limited to the classic, Grecian-inspired designs that have been popular since ancient times. More contemporary and modern designs have come up to keep up to date with today’s predominant themes. But aside from these designs, we have fountain designs inspired by philosophies from halfway around the world. Aside from providing us with delectable dishes, the countries in East Asia have also inspired an entire line of fountain designs that are becoming popular with many people. Regardless of whether or not you believe in their philosophy, you will be nonetheless awestruck by these captivating designs.

themed fountain

  • Bamboo

Although bamboo bends with the wind, it doesn’t break and gets back up into its original position. Symbolizing strength, resilience and integrity, a bamboo fountain is one of the most popular Asian themed fountains. Usually coming in a tabletop design, these fountains are perfect for any home, given that water elements also symbolize fortune. Bamboo fountains can be made of different materials – copper, wood, ceramic, resin or stone – but all of them are guaranteed to look exactly like the real thing.

  • Buddha

Buddhists are firm believers that attachment to any material possession is the source of unhappiness, but you’ll surely be attached to this Buddha fountain. Aside from being regarded as a deity of health and happiness, Buddha also brings a certain Zen as well as a relaxing and serene aura to any home. Buddha fountains range from tabletop to big, floor-type garden fountains.

  • Fish

Usually in the form of Koi or Asian carp, these might not be as popular as the previous two designs. Legend has it that Koi are able to swallow messages and deliver it to distant friends or lovers. Aside from symbolizing abundance, this also represents stability and closeness in relationships.

  • Dragon

Being the stereotypical symbol of some Asian countries, the dragon not only symbolizes power and domination, but is also one of the most powerful symbols of fortune and luck. This design might be a tad bit hard to find, though.

  • Lotus Flower

Since this type of flower grows easily in watery areas, the Lotus Flower is a popular design for Asian fountains. This represents enlightenment and is just the perfect design that will surely bring both beauty and serenity to your home.

According to Feng Shui, fountains symbolize continuity, flow and the ability to adapt to changes in life. It allows us to keep in touch with elements of nature, as exemplified by most of the designs mentioned above. Aside from reducing stress and bringing relaxation, these Asian-inspired fountains are sure to beautify any home.

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