Creating the Perfect Space for your Fountain

The time will come when you need to revamp your home or add a little something to give your home more life. If you think you have enough furniture in your home, then it’s time to consider something different. How about fountains? Be it inside your home or outside in your garden, a fountain will definitely bring more life into your home. However, the decision-making process doesn’t stop once you figure out which fountain you buy. Before purchasing a fountain, it’s best to consider where to put the fountain. This will guide you as to what style and size of fountain you should buy.

Say for example you already have a fountain and you still have no idea where to put it. Here are a few things you should ask yourself when deciding where to put your fountain.

Will I place the fountain inside or outside the house?

Outdoor water fountains would look great on a patio or deck. But if you have a big garden, a large tiered-fountain will make an excellent centerpiece. Your outdoor fountain would be the focal point around which your entire garden can be designed.

If you decide to put it inside your home, then the space might be a little more constricted. In this case, you can choose a small tabletop fountain or a wall fountain. Indoor wall fountains have the advantage of being space savers as opposed to your traditional floor fountains. With regard to functionality, any type of indoor fountain would make a good humidifier for your home. It allows cooler air to circulate inside your home, which is one reason why fountains are abundant in spas. You can also place a tabletop fountain in your office if that’s what you prefer.

Another alternative would be to put a small fountain on either side of your front door to allow your visitors to feel warm and welcome. Besides, having water elements in the home is said to bring luck and good fortune.

Is my garden big enough to accommodate the fountain?

If you have a large garden, complimenting it with a large fountain would provide a great effect. The same goes for placing a fountain inside your home – if the room is big enough, then a large fountain would be a great choice. However, if your garden or home is small or medium-sized, purchasing a large fountain would make it look even smaller. If your garden is small, a wall fountain is a better alternative.

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