Energy-Savers: Solar Powered Pumps and Lights for your Garden

More and more people are getting into the trend of being environment-friendly by avoiding the use of plastic, purchasing hybrid cards, and looking for alternative sources of energy for their homes. Even your favorite garden furniture has gone green, so to speak. Solar power is becoming a popular source of energy not just for homes, but for garden lights and pond pumps as well.

solar pump
The great thing about solar power (and this is pretty obvious) is that you don’t have to worry about electricity costs. It gets all the power it needs from the sun – the oldest and most renewable source of energy available to man. How does it work? Photovoltaic panels, more commonly known as solar panels, capture the UV rays of the sun and turn them into a usable form of energy.

There are fountain and pond pumps that already come with this feature. The solar panels capture the sunlight, and convert it to electricity that runs the motor which is connected to the pump. As long as the sun is up, you can expect this process to go on and on. Some solar panels have the feature of storing converted energy so that come nighttime or during cloudy days, your pump is still working. With a solar powered pump, you don’t have to worry about wiring and harming the environment. Back then, water pumps are similar to car engines which actually release a harmful amount of carbon monoxide that can harm aquatic life in your pond. As for solar powered fountains, these usually don’t require any plumbing. All you have to do, much like other solar-powered gadgets, is to place it somewhere well-bathed in sunlight. You just have to fill the basin with water and the sun does the rest for you. You can even make your own solar panels, as most of the materials needed are found in your local hardware.

Solar-powered lights and lanterns work in roughly the same way. Again, just place them under the sunlight and they work for up to 6 or 8 hours. The energy acquired from the sun is then placed in rechargeable batteries for further use. Some lights even have a sensor allowing them to turn on by themselves at a specific time. Most lights also use LED bulbs which are more efficient and last longer than your typical bulbs. These solar lights can be used indoors, too.

You can help save the Earth one step at a time, and you can start by using solar-powered lights and pumps!

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