The Many Faces of Tabletop Fountains

Gone are the days when simple flower vases make the best table centerpiece. Nowadays, people are getting more creative and innovative when it comes to interior design. Consider this – who would have ever thought that those huge, extravagant fountains can one day become a table centerpiece? These “mini-fountains” bring a little bit of nature into your home, and can be a quick (and permanent!) fix for those whose homes cannot accommodate big fountains.

tabletop fountain

What designs are available?

The list of designs is just as long for big fountains, so you need not worry about having to choose from limited designs. Here’s a list of what is perhaps just a few available designs for tabletop fountains.

  • Tiered – This design is probably the most famous one for tabletop fountains. And because it’s famous, tiered fountains also offer a lot of designs. You can choose from tabletop fountains with 2 tiers or more, with the water trickling from one tier onto the next. These tiers can be obvious layers or eve jars, spirals or shelves.
  • Buddha – Even if you don’t practice Buddhism, you’ve probably heard about Buddha. Not only is he one of the most famous religious figures in Asia, but he’s also one of the most popular tabletop fountain designs. Buddhism is all about meditation and relaxation, and perhaps the same can be said about water flowing through a fountain. It’s no wonder Buddha is such a famous design for tabletop fountains!
  • Bamboo – A lot of these designs like to incorporate a little bit of nature into the fountain, and the bamboo design is no different.
  • Sphere – You’ll find this design as quite a great deviation from the sharp lines and edges in your home. This creates a soft balance wherever it’s placed.
  • Lighting – There are also a lot of tabletop fountains that come with light/s to illuminate the space it’s placed in. You’ll find this as an excellent accessory, especially during dinner parties.

Why should I get a tabletop fountain?

These fountains actually don’t have a permanent type of installation, so you can easily move them around if you get tired of them staying in just one spot. This means that you can even use them for outdoor parties!

As mentioned, these fountains also come in a variety of designs and styles and cater to all budgets, no matter how small. So instead of getting huge, extravagant, and not to mention expensive fountains, why not opt for something smaller but still as beautiful?

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