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Spare Parts for Fountains and Pumps

If you’ve misplaced a fountain part or need a replacement due to lack of maintenance, Garden and Pond Depot has exactly what you need. We carry spare parts for both water fountains and pond pumps to keep your water feature functioning properly. Find the spare part you need to enjoy your fountain or pond more fully this season. 


  • Pumps
    – The pump is considered the heart of any water fountain. Get yours up and running again with our selection of spare pumps.


  • 10-watt-12-volt-halogen-replacement-bulbReplacement lights – To create a magical effect at night, light up your fountain with replacement lights.



  • 100-watt-transformer-w-photocell-and-timerTransformers - If you need a new transformer, we carry an array of different options for you to choose from.




  • impeller-pab3100-gphImpellers - If your pond pump is missing its impeller, get a new one today at Garden and Pond Depot.

Purchasing a new spare part is a quick fix that will have your water feature up and running in no time. While many times a spare part is needed due to having misplaced the old one, you can also prevent needing replacement parts in the future by keeping up with proper maintenance. This article offers useful tips for taking care of your outdoor water fountain.






Glass waterfall fountain

Basic Type of Decorative Water Features and Pumps

Apart from being a beautiful sight in any space from garden, home, offices to entrances, water features are also popular for their ability to give calmness and relaxation to the area.

Usable for both indoors and outdoors with available electricity, water features come in an array of designs, whether you want them traditional with urns and bowls pouring out water, or contemporary circles and cylinders of stainless material.

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