Fountains – Bringing Functionality and Beauty to your Home since the 1800’s

Stress and hectic schedules seem to define what people’s lives are all about. Given the amount of work one has to finish, one might never get the chance to sit back and just relax. A relaxing night doesn’t have to be a weekend get away or a whole day booking in the spa. What’s the closest thing to home that you can think about? Still can’t think of anything? The answer’s quite obvious – you don’t have to go very far. You can make your home a haven of relaxation because after all, doesn’t it seem right to go home to such a relaxing and peaceful environment?

Given that this article is all about fountains, you might think that the above introduction is quite a little overboard. But honestly, that’s exactly what fountains are all about. More than its aesthetic qualities, a fountain promises a more relaxing and serene aura for your home. People who have fountains in their homes find themselves more and more drawn to their fountains, owing to the fact that it’s an instant weekend getaway right in your own home and at a much cheaper cost. Now, let’s take a closer look at one of man’s most genuine inventions.

Where It All Started

Ironically enough, fountains were more functional back then than they are today. Early civilizations used stone basins to capture drinking water. Ancient Egyptians went one step further and used more complicated water systems to store water from the Nile River for distribution to the people. As for the more classy fountains, we owe the elegant fountains of today to the ancient Greeks and Romans. Known as the people who just love beauty and aesthetics, Greeks made fountains from marble or stone and already incorporating designs in the form of sculpted heads of lions and other animals. Once the Renaissance period came, it was all about creating beautiful fountains with the most exquisite and complicated designs. A lot of these fountains exist until today – we have, of course, the ever famous Trevi Fountain in Rome, the largest Baroque fountain of the city.

Fountains in the 21st Century

Although home fountains aren’t as grand as the more historic ones, the fountains we have today spell both functionality and design. Today’s designs are more flexible in that you have the option of sticking to the more elegant and classic designs, or opting for more modern and sophisticated designs. As for functionality, fountains are more of a home accessory rather than a source of drinking water.

How does it work?

Funny enough, fountains work based on a rather simple mechanism. This mechanism aims to preserve the natural course of water as well as the effect of gravity, but at the same time creating an attractive display that is pleasant both to the eyes and ears. Basically, a solid material is used to channel the water, allowing the flow of water to be either narrowed or widened. A basin (although this is quite a general term, considering the creativity incorporated in many fountain designs) acts as a reservoir usually at the bottom of the fountain, acting as the main water supply. As for the specific materials used to make fountains, it ranges from stone, acrylic, glass, polyresin and even envirostone, depending on the fountain.

Why should I get a fountain?

Thanks to the ingenuity and flexibility of modern man’s mind, fountains are no longer confined to outdoors. You have the option of getting either and indoor or outdoor fountain, depending on your need and/or preference. Here are a few reasons why you should have that fountain in your home, regardless of whether it’s an indoor or outdoor model.

Get Rid of that Stress!

Nowadays, fountains are more than just a beautiful accessory. As mentioned in the introduction, fountains are a cheaper way of getting a weekend getaway. You don’t even have to leave your house. Picture yourself just lying down in your couch, good book at hand and sipping a glass of lemonade on a sunny but cool day outside in your porch. Now, add the sound of flowing water in the background – isn’t that the icing on top of the cake?

Fountains are a Good (Financial) Deal.

Now, you might be a little surprised because everything comes with a price tag. But for some fountains, after purchasing them, you don’t have to worry about additional costs. This is the case for solar-powered fountains. They get all the energy they need from the sun, so all you have to do is to find a sunlight-filled spot for your fountain.

Fountains add more Beauty and Vibrancy to your Home.

The statement speaks for itself – if you need something to give your home more life and design, fountains are a good place to start. If you get solar powered fountains, it’s a much cheaper option than having a gazebo made for your garden. Once you have a fountain at home, you’ll instantly be the envy of your friends and neighbors.

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