Light Up your Garden with Gazing Globes

Your garden says a lot about your style and personality. For instance, a well-decorated, pleasant-garden is guaranteed to get you a thumbs up from your neighbors. They’ll think of you as a fun, vibrant and cheerful person. Given this kind of thinking, you don’t want your garden to look dull and boring. Try to make it as fun as you can by adding all sorts of garden fixtures and plants. However, if your garden is looking more like a forest, it might be good to put a hold on plants and just focus on garden fixtures. How about some gazing globes?

gazing globe
Gazing globes? I haven’t heard of them before.

Yes, they sound like they’re made up, but gazing globes have been around since the 13th century! Back then, gazing globes were made from mouth-blown glass. Most kings had them in their gardens because it was believed that gazing globes have the power to ward off evil spirits and misfortune (perhaps they still do!). Gazing globes were also used indoors as light fixtures in the dining room and even in foyers, so that parents can keep a watchful eye on their daughters and their dates.

So how do these gazing globes look like?

Gazing globes (aka gazing balls) are spherical in shape and are available in a wide range of sizes and colors. Traditionally, gazing balls are made of glass but they can also be made from stained glass, ceramic and even stainless steel. Typically, gazing globes are placed on top of a stand and are displayed in your garden.You don’t have to limit your gazing globes to your flowers. You can put them in ponds, bird baths or even hang them from trees.

Are there different kinds of gazing globes?

As mentioned, gazing globes can come in different materials. They also differ in terms of features. Your gazing globe can either be clear or have a cracked surface. More advanced models are wireless and solar powered, while some globes are even capable of changing colors.

How do I keep my gazing globe looking good and working well?

Much like anything else, maintenance is important when it comes to your gazing globes. Make sure to clean it regularly; if your gazing globe is stainless steel, a solution of water and vinegar might just do the trick. Since gazing globes are highly fragile, make sure not to place them on the ground or where they can easily break – that’s what the stands are for. Although they can withstand most weather conditions, it’s better to bring them in during harsh weather to prevent cracking.

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