How to Start Using Solar-powered Lighting in your Garden

Solar-powered lighting can add ambiance and safety to your garden setup. And since solar-powered lighting receives its energy from the sun, installation is easy and the light is free. Consider these different solar-powered garden lighting ideas to illuminate your outdoor space at night.

 solar butterfly light garden stake

solar butterfly light garden stake

1. Solar stakes

Walking around your garden at night can be dangerous without light guiding your way. Light up your garden paths with solar stakes to prevent tripping over a rock or root. Solar stakes can also add a decorative touch to your garden, as there are many different fun objects, colors and designs available.

2. Solar statues

frog solar lights for garden

frog solar lights for garden


If you’re looking to liven up your garden and add a little fun, light it up at the same time with solar statues. Solar statues are a two-in-one solution because they add visual interest and can illuminate your garden. From Micky Mouse to decorative frogs, there are plenty of options to choose from.


3. Solar lanterns

solar powered garden lanterns

solar powered garden lanterns

Solar lanterns are a great option if you want to pick up your light and take it with you. They can be hung up, set down on tables or carried on the go. If you’re entertaining, solar lanterns can be given to guests to ensure everyone’s safety.

After you’ve chosen solar-powered lighting for your garden, consider carefully where you will be placing each fixture. Solar lighting requires sunlight during the day, so avoid placing any of your lights in the shade.


Why a Cast Stone Water Fountain is a Great Choice for Your Home or Garden

Choosing an indoor or outdoor water fountain can be tricky at times. There are many sizes, styles and materials to choose from. When browsing your options, one material you should consider is cast stone.

contemporary outdoor water fountains

contemporary outdoor water fountains


Cast stone water fountains have the look of real stone, but they are much more affordable. They also offer several advantages to make them suitable for both outdoor and indoor environments. Whether you want to beautify your garden, patio or living room, a cast stone fountain can be the perfect solution.

Cast stone is one of the strongest and most durable materials you can choose for your fountain; it is even more durable than natural stone! These fountains are also heavier in weight, which means they can’t be knocked down as easily by wind or unfavorable weather conditions. While real stone can be damaged by water, cast stone, like leather, wears slowly and ages well.

stone water fountains for gardens

stone water fountains for gardens


There are many styles, finishes and sizes of cast stone fountains to consider. Additionally, each cast stone fountain is unique from the others because of the natural properties of the material. Enhance your garden with a cast stone fountain or bring a small-sized fountain into your home for a relaxed atmosphere. Thanks to its durable quality, you’ll be able to enjoy your beautiful fountain for years.

How a Floor Fountain will Benefit Your Home or Business

Floor fountains can be quite large, which might make them intimidating to you and others. Don’t let their size keep you from considering a floor fountain for your space, though.

indoor water fountains for the home

affordable indoor water fountains for the home

To start, let’s focus on the most obvious benefit a floor fountain provides: beauty. A water fountain lends elegance to any space it occupies and certainly becomes the main attraction. Various materials are used to create fountains, and you’re sure to find one that will complement your decorating scheme well. If you run a hotel, a floor fountain set up in the lobby is a great way to make a good first impression.

Floor fountains offer several benefits that set them apart from many decorative alternatives, and they are often a great solution for designing a relaxing and beautiful interior.


water fountain for home decor

inexpensive water fountain for home decor

Many decorative accessories can beautify a room, but few also encourage relaxation. The soothing sound of water that a floor fountain creates blocks out unpleasant noises that often raise stress levels. Running water also releases negative ions, which can result in higher energy and a better mood. Having a floor fountain in the home can help you unwind and feel more energized at the same time. Corporate offices can also benefit, as employees would work more efficiently.


indoor floor water fountains sale

reasonably priced indoor floor water fountains sale

Lastly, floor fountains are beneficial because they are surprisingly simple to install. You do not have to mount a floor fountain to the wall and many are made from lightweight materials. If size is still an issue, you’ll be happy to know that floor fountains come in small designs as well, so they don’t have to take over your space.

Consider enhancing your home, office or business with an elegant, beautiful floor fountain. Garden and Pond Depot carries a wide selection for you to choose from and help associates are ready to answer any questions if you need help.


How to bring the peace back into your home this school year

It’s that time of year again. The kids are heading back to school and the house will soon be quiet again. To create an even more relaxed atmosphere, you can bring the peace back into your home with these interior design ideas.   

rock water fountain


1. Think natural

There’s a reason why fresh air is recommended when stressed – nature is soothing. That’s why plants, earthy colors and natural materials like wicker are great for creating a more peaceful home. RAINFOREST FOREST FLOOR FOUNTAIN

2. Block out noise with a soothing indoor water fountain

rock fountains for garden


Like I said earlier, nature is soothing. An indoor water fountain is one way to bring the outside in. It’s also a great way to add beauty to your space and block out annoying traffic sounds or loud neighbors.

3. Relax with calming fragrances

rock fountains for sale


Certain fragrances, like lavender, are known to reduce stress levels and help people feel relaxed. Light a few candles in your home or decorate with fresh flowers to enjoy calming fragrances.

4. Choose a soft color scheme

rock water features


If you’re trying to create a peaceful home, it’s best to opt for a soft color palette. Whenever you buy new decor or decide to repaint the walls, consider muted shades rather than bright, vibrant colors.

5. Clear the clutter

rock garden fountains


It’s hard to relax in a cluttered home. Make sure everything in your home has a designated place so that you can enjoy an organized space. If you need to, get rid of unnecessary junk that is just taking up space.

This summer may have been chaotic, but the school year is starting up and the kids’ regular schedules will resume again soon. Enhance your home’s relaxed atmosphere with a few of these ideas and start enjoying peace and quiet!


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How a floor fountain will benefit your home or business

BLU WORLD indoor floor water fountainFloor fountains can be quite large, which might make them intimidating to you and others. Don’t let their size keep you from considering an indoor floor fountain for your space, though. Floor fountains offer several benefits that set them apart from many decorative alternatives, and they are often a great solution for designing a relaxing and beautiful interior. 


Indoor Waterfalls as Apartment Therapy

Stress is a normal part of life and is even considered good – in moderation – because it can help you accomplish tasks more efficiently and effectively. Too much stress and anxiety, however, can be harmful and lead to serious health problems.

alpine-diamond-shaped-wall-fountainAchieving the right balance of relaxation and stress is key and beneficial to your overall well-being. Some people try to find this balance through weekend trips to the spa, but these retreats can be expensive. Instead, why not look to indoor waterfalls as apartment therapy and simply head home when you need a place to relax, unwind and rejuvenate?

Waterfalls are therapeutic for a couple of reasons, one being that they provide a soothing sound for background noise. While some background noises can actually increase stress, such as loud neighbors or traffic, the sound of running water will instantly make you feel more relaxed.

43-tall-eight-dish-floor-fountainAnother benefit of waterfalls is that they release negative ions into the air. Negative ions are molecules that, when inhaled, can increase levels of serotonin in the brain. Serotonin often has an impact on our mood, which is why people usually feel happy and relaxed near environments where negative ions are found, such as the beach.

Indoor waterfalls are the ultimate decorating solution as they beautify your space and help to create a therapeutic environment as well. Garden and Pond Depot offers indoor waterfalls in various materials and sizes to match your apartment, no matter how small in size. Browse through the selection of tabletop, floor and wall-mounted waterfalls to find a soothing solution for your stress.