Pond Lighting to make your Water Garden more Attractive

A water garden makes a beautiful addition to any yard and with the proper lighting system, it can look even more spectacular at night. Why not enjoy your water garden into the evening hours just as you do during the day?

Lighting your water garden not only provides beautiful effects, it also promotes safety by ensuring that no one will fall into your pond at night. The added light can also serve as a deterrent to intruders.

Garden Pond Lighting from Below Fountain

Pond lighting below fountain

Water Garden Lighting Options

When you choose a lighting scheme for your water garden, there are several options.

1. Submerged Lighting

Submerged lighting has a dramatic effect on the visual appeal of your water garden. Submerged lights can be built into the bottom of the pond, at the sides or even behind a waterfall to allow light to ripple through the cascading water.

When choosing a location for your submerged lighting, be sure that you choose lights that a specifically built to work under water and that you locate them carefully to avoid exposing your pond liner, hoses and pumps to excessive heat. If you have fish in your pond, make sure that your fish can be seen in some areas of the pond, but not all, so that they have room to hide from predators.

2. Spotlights

Spotlights are excellent for highlighting the key features of your garden. Choose the most visually appealing area of your garden and position one or more spotlights to make the most of their effect.

A spotlight placed above the pond can create a breathtaking moonlit affect, making the water appear glassy and still at night.

3. Floating lights

Floating lights give your water garden an ethereal quality that makes your garden glow. Soft lights are best for this option, you don’t want to overplay the effect by adding too much glare.

4. Solar Lights

Marking the perimeter of your water garden with solar lights is a budget-friendly way to promote safety at night and to draw the eye to your display. These lights are very low maintenance, and don’t require electrical cords, outlets, or other encumbrances. They also give you plenty of creative options as they can be placed anywhere you wish.

5. Timers and Motion Sensors

Using timers and motion sensors is a great way to bring your garden to life while saving on your utility bill. Motion sensors, in particular create the beautiful effect of bringing your pond to life as you approach.

Using a timer saves you the trouble of turning everything off at night and gives you some consistency in utility expenses.

As you build your water garden, it’s best to start small and add lighting effects as you go. While soft lighting can dramatically improve the visual appeal of your water garden, too much lighting can detract from the calm, peaceful effect.

When installing pond lighting, remember the importance of safety, and always follow manufacturer’s instructions to avoid electrical shock or other safety hazards.

Done correctly, installing lighting to your water garden offers a stunning visual effect and allows you to enjoy your display well into the evening hours.

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