How Restaurant Owners Benefit from Modern Wall Fountains

Many businesses make use of indoor water features as decoration for their establishments. In this article, we will cover three known modern water features which all vary in terms of location of installation and space allocation.

1. Waterfalls

Waterfalls are ideally positioned in areas of high traffic such as the lobby or within one of its walls. This water feature is good to put near plants and in big, costly rooms or lobbies of large buildings. It can be small with a smooth and quiet flow of water along a glass or metal piece to create a soothing setting. On the other hand, the modern water fountain can be huge, like those in lobbies, flowing a few feet off an elevated area leading to a small indoor pond, making a loud sound of a waterfall splashing into water.

2. Fountains

restaurant fountains

outdoor wall fountain modern

Commonly used for commercial spaces, they can break the monotony of an area with the addition of both the running water sound and attractive central point for customers and employees to admire. They come in all sizes with the smaller ones usually positioned on desks or in individual offices to create a soothing tone as one does about his or her work. The large modern outdoor wall fountains  are installed in malls, rhythmically shooting water into the air and with ornate ones a big factor to draw in prospective clients and customers.

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3. Fish Tanks

These are common among restaurants and hotels as it allows diners and customers to be entertained by the swimming fishes while they wait. In a restaurant, it implies a certain air of freshness especially if you serve fish or seafood; and elegance, if in a hotel or sea resort. Fish tanks come in both fresh or salt water with the latter being more exotic.

Obviously, the main good thing about having indoor or modern outdoor water fountain in your restaurant is for it to serve as an intricately designed masterpiece that is sure to be a center of attention for people dining there.

outdoor wall fountain modern

1. Stress Reliever – Water features, especially water fountains, provide a feeling of serenity and relaxation to your customers, clients, and employees. Its appearance and water flowing sound are known to relax your mind, taking away the day’s toll and reducing tension in your muscles and joints.

2. Negative Ions – Negative ions are needed by our bodies, but as what we are capable of are only producing positive ions, running water from modern outdoor wall fountains can come to our aid in generating it. Because they can attract air impurities, the negative ions serve as cleaners of the air. As both dust and air are
attracted by the negative charge, the air in your restaurant is then purified. So, customers and employees alike are able to breathe clean and healthy air inside your establishment, which is great especially for customers who have allergies.

3. Humidity – Many of us suffer from low humidity which dries off everything from your eyes, hair, nose, and skin which results into dryness of these body parts as well as chapping and itching. Because water fountains specially modern wall fountain is natural humidifiers, they can help in giving your customers and employees moisture in the air without overdoing it.

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