Revamping your Garden with Decorations

For people who live in apartments or condominiums, one of their biggest complaints would have to be not being able to have their own gardens. For those with their own houses and gardens, they usually complain about their garden not looking good enough or lacking something. The bottom line here is that we’re never really contented with what we have. We’re constantly looking for something new – something different. Who can blame us? We want our gardens to look just like those featured on magazine covers. And on a more personal note, perhaps we want our gardens to be our special place.

garden decoration
Luckily, you don’t have to shell out a lot of money to get the garden of your dreams – yes, it’s possible. By adding a little extra touch to your garden and brightening up what’s already there, you’re one step closer to getting on that magazine cover.

The first thing people see before entering your house is usually your garden. Given this fact, your garden is like your first line of defense. You have to make sure everything is in place and squeaky clean so as to give an instant good impression. If your garden’s looking a bit dull and dry, then you have some major revamping to do.

Where do I start?

The first thing you want to do is to think of a theme for your garden. This will help you come up with what things to buy, so as to avoid buying things that clash with each other. That will just make your garden end up looking worse. Think of how you would want your garden to look like. Browse through different magazines, and ask the opinions of your friends. After getting all of these, take some time to just sit back, close your eyes and picture what you want your garden to look like. Do you want it filled with antique decorations? Do you want a Mediterranean-themed garden? Or are you looking for something more modern? Knowing what you want your garden to be would definitely set you on the right track.

After you have a theme in mind, then you can work towards that goal. You can start off by having a list of things to buy for your new and revamped garden. Fortunately, we have websites like  to make things easier. Among the things they offer in the website are fountains, bird feeders, lights, garden gnomes, benches and a lot more great finds for your garden. But before going on to purchase these items, make sure that they’re in accordance with your theme and that they go well together. It’s also important to get only the things you need. Going overboard with anything – fashion or furniture-wise, never did anyone any good.

A Few More Decorating Tips


Adding statues to your garden is like creating a piece of art. You have to make sure that it looks good and that it matches your garden. Again, you don’t want to go overboard with the size and the number of statues in your garden, especially if you only have a small space to begin with. If you consider yourself a beginner, you can start with smaller statues. You can go with garden gnomes but if you want something more classic, you can opt for angel statues or those depicting a little boy and girl. You can never go wrong with these. Rearrange them until you find the perfect spot. If you feel like you’re getting the hang of it, then it’s your choice on whether or not you want to add more (and bigger) statues.


Nowadays, you’re no longer limited to finding an area that’s near a socket. We now have solar fountains, so all you have to do is to find a sunlight-filled spot for these fountains and you’re good to go. Again, consider the space you have in your garden. Wall fountains can be quite the space-saver, so if you’re running low on space, it’s good to consider this option. Aside from that, make sure to get a fountain that’s appropriate to the theme of your garden. There are fountains that look more modern, while there are those that still exude the classic and elegant style of older models.

Bird Baths

One can never have too many birds in the garden. If you’re having a problem attracting birds to your home, buying a bird bath seems to be in place. If you’re constricted by space, the best option would be to choose between a fountain and bird bath. These bird baths also come in many designs, so you have a variety of options.

At the End of the Day…

It’s not so much what other people think of your garden or if it will make the cover of a magazine. It’s all about creating your own personal space – somewhere you can relax and unwind. Your primary goal here is to create something that you would love to go home to.

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