Bringing Green Energy into your Garden with Solar Powered Fountains

solar powered fountain

Solar powered garden fountain

After how many years of staring into the same garden, no one can blame you if you get bored with how it looks like. This will happen eventually, and if it’s already happened to you, then it’s time to spring into action.

You have a lot of revamping to do for your garden, but you don’t have to do it all at once since this will probably cost you a lot of money. A solar fountain might be a good way to start – after all, your garden probably has its fair share of plants already. If you don’t want the added electricity costs that a fountain brings, this can easily be solved.

Solar powered fountains might be new in the market, but they’re gaining popularity fast. You can create a rich oasis in your backyard and at the same time utilize green, environment-friendly energy just by having a solar powered fountain in your home. You don’t have to worry about electricity bills – all you need to do is to find a sunlight-filled spot in your garden and you’re fountain will be good to go.

How do solar powered fountains work?

These solar powered fountains don’t make use of any cables but instead utilize one solar panel, depending on the fountain’s size. The solar panel generates enough energy to power the pump and to keep the water running. For more advanced models, the fountains make use of small batteries capable of storing energy so that the fountain can work even at nighttime. For a more pleasing view, some fountains have their solar panel underwater.

What things should I consider before buying a solar powered fountain?

Fiberglass water garden fountain

Fiberglass water fountain

As mentioned, the solar powered fountain must be positioned somewhere with direct sunlight in order for it to function. If you want to place your fountain in a shady area, better make sure it comes with a remote solar panel. This way, the solar panel can be placed in a sunlit area, while the fountain can be placed anywhere you please.

Another thing to consider is how much power you want the fountain to generate. Rain and night can hamper its functionality – in this case, you should think of purchasing a fountain that comes with energy-storing batteries.

More people are becoming aware of the many benefits that solar powered garden fountains offer. Installation is a breeze because there are no cables to work with, and these fountains are also low maintenance. They make use of no electricity, are environment-friendly and last a very long time.

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