Tabletop Fountains – Four Steps to Great Placement

Tabletop fountains bring an air of elegance to any room. They are an excellent way to dress up any area of your home and help promote a calm, peaceful living environment.

Tabletop fountains offer you flexibility and choice in your decor. They come in a dazzling array of shapes and sizes, and can be used as anything from the centerpiece of a room to a small but tasteful accessory.

To get the greatest effect from your tabletop fountain, you must decide where it fits best in your home. Getting the placement right accentuates not only the fountain itself, but the entire room. Here are some tips for choosing the right placement for your tabletop fountain.

Tabletop Fountain of Buddha

Buddha Tabletop Fountain

Tips for the Placement of your Tabletop Fountain

1. Choose your Fountain to Fit the Room.

Before you choose your fountain, you need to decide where it will be displayed. The fountain must feel as if it fits the room. A tall vertical fountain in the midst of a long, narrow room looks out of place and won’t produce the ideal effect.

The fountain must also fit with the character of the room in which it’s displayed. A post-modern fountain won’t work well in a room filled with antiques. Take into account your room’s decor, colors and normal usage as you search for a fountain that fits.

2. Avoid Placing your Fountain in the High Traffic Areas of your Home.

While you want to have the fountain in an area of your home where it will be readily seen and enjoyed, it’s best to avoid the really high traffic areas of your home such as main entrances, hallways or your kitchen. This not only limits the chance of the fountain being knocked over or damaged, it ensures that the area in which your fountain is displayed is quiet and peaceful enough for you to enjoy it.

Often the best location is in a sitting room or library off the main gathering areas of your home. This allows you to set up a bit of a retreat within your own home where you can relax and feel the peace and calmness that tabletop fountains provide.

3. Choose an Area with Good Lighting.

Selecting a well lit and lightly colored room of your home helps provide a positive atmosphere to display your fountain. Darker colors create a more somber mood that doesn’t really fit with the energy and optimism that comes from a tabletop water fountain.

4. Consider Practical Issues.

Finally, there are some practical concerns that dictate to some extent where you wish to place your fountain.

For example, if your fountain relies on power from an electrical cord, the center of a large room is not the ideal place for it. Instead, the fountain should be placed along a wall close to an electrical socket so that you can not only hide the cord to minimize it’s visibility but also so that you or your guests don’t trip on it.

If you have small children or pets, it’s best to place your fountain in an area where they are unlikely to have direct, unsupervised access to it. Instead, place the fountain in an area where it will be protected from damage yet visually accessible.

Choosing the right place for your tabletop fountain improves your living space, brightens the mood and enables you to get the most value for your investment.

Here are some tabletop fountains you can try

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