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Indoor Waterfalls as Apartment Therapy

Stress is a normal part of life and is even considered good – in moderation – because it can help you accomplish tasks more efficiently and effectively. Too much stress and anxiety, however, can be harmful and lead to serious health problems.

alpine-diamond-shaped-wall-fountainAchieving the right balance of relaxation and stress is key and beneficial to your overall well-being. Some people try to find this balance through weekend trips to the spa, but these retreats can be expensive. Instead, why not look to indoor waterfalls as apartment therapy and simply head home when you need a place to relax, unwind and rejuvenate?

Waterfalls are therapeutic for a couple of reasons, one being that they provide a soothing sound for background noise. While some background noises can actually increase stress, such as loud neighbors or traffic, the sound of running water will instantly make you feel more relaxed.

43-tall-eight-dish-floor-fountainAnother benefit of waterfalls is that they release negative ions into the air. Negative ions are molecules that, when inhaled, can increase levels of serotonin in the brain. Serotonin often has an impact on our mood, which is why people usually feel happy and relaxed near environments where negative ions are found, such as the beach.

Indoor waterfalls are the ultimate decorating solution as they beautify your space and help to create a therapeutic environment as well. Garden and Pond Depot offers indoor waterfalls in various materials and sizes to match your apartment, no matter how small in size. Browse through the selection of tabletop, floor and wall-mounted waterfalls to find a soothing solution for your stress.

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Decorating an office should be considered a must. Working for at least 8 hours a day, you should have a place wherein you make your job less tiring and very much enjoyable. An office is a reflection of its workers and how professional they are. May it be simple, extravagant, whatever you want, what is important is that you add a personal touch on it. Well as for me, I have four things that I consider most important and innovative ways in decorating an office. Let me share it with you one by one.
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3 Important Benefits of a Table Top Fountain in the Office

No matter how much you love your work; there are some days when you feel the stress and tension driving you over the edge. When you find yourself bummed down by your work, an indoor table water fountain in your office can help you perk up.

There are many benefits that you can get when you place a water feature in your workplace. Not only does it add a visual flair to your office setting, it also helps you achieve peace of mind.

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