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What is a garden gnome and why are they so popular?

Garden gnomes are a popular lawn ornament and many people are familiar with these unique figurines. What they often don’t know, however, is that gnomes have been around since the 1800s, when they were first produced in Germany.

Garden GnomesThe first German gnomes looked a lot different from those available today, as they were made out of clay, but it didn’t take long for their popularity to take off. In the 1840s, people in England started placing gnomes in their gardens and the charming statues have been used as garden decor ever since.


At first glance, it might be difficult to figure out why gnomes are popular. After all, they are just figurines of old men with white beards and a red pointed hat. However, in folklore, gnomes are symbols of good luck and are believed to provide protection. Today, gnomes are considered whimsical and a fun way to add charm to gardens.


If your garden could use some character, consider adding a cute gnome for charm and good luck. Garden and Pond Depot offers a wide selection of garden gnome statues, with various sizes and designs to choose from.


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Water Fountain is Your Innovative Stress Therapy

Your day to day activities can often riddle you with feelings of stress and strain, external or internal. There are plenty of medications that can help you relax. You are probably thinking of pills and decongestants, but there is another type of relaxation that soothes not only your body but also your mind— the indoor or outdoor water fountains.
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