The Ever Popular Garden Gnomes

Did you know that garden gnomes were first produced in Germany? They were first made by Phillipp Griebel and August Heissner. “Gartenzwerg” is what they call it. Up to now, they are still being sold on the market with Griebel gnomes that come with a Certificate of Authenticity and Heissner gnomes sporting a red Heissner seal, retailing for over a hundred dollars a piece.

garden gnome
Garden gnomes first came about in the 19th Century in European folklore. They are believed to be the biggest advocates of farmers. They watch over crops and livestock and protect them against pests and thieves. They also help farmers yield more crops and put simply, bring them good luck.

Portrayed in an unlimited number of designs, reflecting various human interests, garden gnomes are never boring and on the contrary, are very amusing.

Gnomes have been popping up left and right on books, TV shows, movies, websites and even short user-submitted features in many formats including YouTube. Recently, an animated movie called “Gnomeo and Juliet” told the story of two gnomes from feuding families that fell in love. There’s also the Travelocity gnome, whose marketing ads quickly became viral.

Whatever your style, you have to admit that garden gnomes are indeed adorable. The best way to add a touch of whim to your lawn or backyard, garden gnomes are here to stay.

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