Which Fountain Should I Get?

Fountains have come a long way from its humble beginnings way back in ancient times. Back then, its main purpose was to store and to provide water but nowadays, these fountains are more of a decorative element – a tourist spot in some cities and a focal point in most gardens. Given that people pay attention to fountains, you might want to put in extra effort in getting the best fountain. The most common concern about water fountains is what kind of design to get.fountain

In its most basic form, <strong>fountains</strong> can be categorized into three, depending on its purpose and location. We have garden fountains, wall fountains, tabletop fountains, and free-standing fountains.

  • Garden Fountains

These are perhaps the oldest design and the most common as well. Back then, most fountains were big and extravagant, so that any garden with a fountain like this must belong to a rich, aristocratic family. Nowadays, fountains are no longer limited to palaces or mansions. Garden fountain come in all shapes, sizes and designs – from something as simple as a basin to something that can rival the fountains of Rome.

  • Wall Fountains

Although wall fountains are rather new, they’re gaining popularity fast. As opposed to your floor fountains, wall fountains save you a lot of space because they won’t take up any floor area – just a bare area of your wall. As for designs, they’re as varied as any other type of fountain. You can have an Asian-themed wall fountain, or something that resembles a mini-waterfall. A popular, more contemporary design is having the water stream down a column of glass for a more sophisticated effect.

  • Tabletop Fountains

As the name implies, these fountains are perfect for practically any table. If you’re getting a little bored with your table at work, spare a corner and install a tabletop fountain. Aside from acting as a humidifier, water elements are also known to bring in luck and fortune. Give it a try – you’ll find yourself more relaxed and perhaps being able to work better. As for designs, it can range from something as simple as a bowl, or with added elements like rocks, pieces of bamboo, etc. These also make perfect gifts because they’re not too bulky.

  • Free Standing Fountains

Also known as floor fountain, these have the advantage of being moved around (the ease of which depends on its size and weight). Some of these fountains are also double sided so you can see through the glass.

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