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Alpine 3500-Gallon Bio-Pure Pressure Filter with UVC


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  • Equipped with Ultra Violet Clarifier
  • Dimensions: 16”L X 16”W X 27”H 
  • Filter Capacity: 3500 gallons 
  • Pond Size: 4000 gallons 
  • Inlet/Outlet: ¾” to 1-½” 
  • 24 watt UV light
  • 1 year manufacturer’s warranty


If you’ve always wanted a pond for home, perhaps you never anticipated that this comes with quite a number of challenges. For instance, moss and other algae like to thrive in moist, damp and dark places like your pond. Have you tried “de-mossing” anything? It’s not such a pretty sight, nor is it such a clean job. So instead of doing all this dirty work, let Alpine’s 3500-Gallon Bio-Pure Pressure Filter with UVC do all the dirty work for you. Instead of scraping them off one by one, this pressure filter allows water to escape from a hose-like apparatus at such maximum speeds that the moss and algae will be out in a jiffy. Although it has a filter capacity of 3500 gallons, it can work for ponds with sizes of up to 4000 gallons.


Alpine’s Bio-Pure Pressure Filter with Ultra Violet Clarifier (UVC) provides a multi-stage biological and mechanical filtration for your pond. It’s equipped with a large foam surface, which offers maximum filtration by allowing beneficial bacteria to thrive and clean pond pollutants naturally. It has a unique external pressure indicator that lets you know whether cleaning is necessary. Because it’s a pressurized filter, it works well with waterfall applications and the UVC increases its performance making your pond algae free for a long time. This also comes with 24 watt UV light, as well as a 1 year manufacturer’s warranty.

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