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6" Green Swirl Plated Glass Gazing Globe


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  • Garden Decoration
  • Item Dimensions: 6" diameter
  • Picks up sun light and illuminates at night


Are you in need of additional ornaments for your garden? Sometimes, plants aren’t enough to do the trick so you have to learn to be creative and to break borders – experiment with other things that you can put in your garden. For instance, the 6” Green Swirl Plated Glass Gazing Globe sounds like a good idea. Thanks to its texture and green color, it looks more like an overgrown Christmas ball. You can use this to accentuate the lighting in your garden – the reflective texture of the Glass Glazing Globe will take care of that. It can even serve as a minor form of illumination for your garden. You can use this to light up a path in your garden, or to mark the entrance to your home. Whatever you do, just remember to get creative with this Glass Gazing Globe. This will also make a good centerpiece, especially if you’re the type who loves to have dinner parties. This Glass Gazing Globe is made for both indoor and outdoor use, so there are a lot of ways you can make use of this.

This 6" green swirl plated glass gazing globe is hand made with a reflective glass to give your environment an added design element. This in turn attracts attention to your already beautiful garden even at night! Make sure to avail of this Glass Gazing Globe now!

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