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35" Tall Rock Fountain


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You’re probably always saying how your garden could use something a bit more than just the usual plants, or how your home can look more nature-friendly. While it’s true that furniture does add quite a pleasing look to any home, why not opt for something more? Instead of settling with something that just looks good, why not buy something that serves more than just that purpose? That’s something that the 35” Tall Rock Fountain has that you can’t find in just any piece of furniture.

Buying this fountain is like hitting two birds with one stone. You want to add something new to your home, preferably something nature-inspired, and you could also do with a little bit more of relaxing time. Give this indoor water feature a try – every night when you come home from work, just listen to the sound of the water flowing from this fountain and you’ll be surprised at what it can do. In an instant, you’ll see your worries being carried away by the water. This fountain is a viable option to a water wall.

When it comes to quality, expect this water fountain to last because it’s made from heavy-duty fibreglass. With dimensions of 20”L x 18”W x 35”H, it’s portable enough to move around once you get tired of seeing it in the same place. Since it’s not very big, you can place it in any room in your home – perhaps allot a small corner table for it. This is a good accessory for your bedroom since that’s where you’re supposed to relax, although it would look great even in your dining room – a centrepiece, perhaps? This also comes with halogen lights for added effect, and installation won’t be a problem as well. With 1 year limited manufacturer’s warranty, you can rest assured that most technical problems can be fixed free of charge.

  • Dimensions: 20"L x 18"W x 35"H
  • Made of fiberglass
  • Pump and all necessary parts included for easy assembly and operation
  • Comes with halogen lights
  • Weighs 49 lbs
  • 1 year limited manufacturer's warranty

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