21" Tall Tiered Pots Fountain with Frogs View full size

21" Tall Tiered Pots Fountain with Frogs


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Can’t handle complicated plumbing systems but love the soothing effect of trickling water? Meet the Pots with Frogs Fountain. Made to look as natural as possible, this fountain would definitely be a great addition to your garden. This outdoor water feature features a built-in pump and all necessary parts, so you don’t have to hassle yourself with watery messes. To add to that, it’s also made from durable resin, which guarantees you that this can withstand the harshest of elements. Although it would look best outdoors, there’s no problem with putting it inside the house as well. If you have a spare corner or a room that needs a little more Zen, this would make a perfect addition. Not to mention the soothing sound of water cascading down the pots would be a great way to end a long and busy day at work.

Description of the Water Fountain

This all-natural water fountain would provide a great way for you to feel at peace with your inner self. You’ll surely love the peaceful sounds of naturally flowing water and welcome the tranquillity it brings to your life. The design might be rather different from your typical fountain, but its uniqueness gives you all the more reason to have it in your home.


You don’t have to worry about the size either – being 16x15x21, this won’t take much of your garden or your room. As mentioned, it isn’t too technical to install as well. Water recirculates through the fountain, eliminating the need for extra plumbing. Weighing at 17 pounds, this handcrafted work of art is made to last. But just in case there’s a little glitch when it comes to the plumbing or other technicalities, the Pots with Frogs Fountain comes with a 1 year limited warranty on pumps.



  • Dimensions: 16"L x 15"W x 21"H
  • Weight: 17 lbs
  • Made from resin
  • Pump and all necessary parts included for easy assembly and operation
  • 1 year limited manufacturer's warranty
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