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Premium Small Pond Care Kit


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Each 3-step kit can treat up to 1000 gallons.


Step 1: Rock Scrubber

  • Packaged as a 30-day supply, can be used as needed
  • Safest and most powerful pond/water garden cleanup tool on the market
  • 100% safe for all wildlife and/or household pets
  • Breaks down stubborn debris that forms on the waterfalls
  • Chlorine-free
  • Strong oxygen-powered "scouring" action will float debris from the bottom of the pond to the surface for easy cleaning
  • Fast-acting super concentrated dry formula
  • Effective in any water temperature
  • Ready-to-use formula
  • Infuses beneficial oxygen and electrolytes into the pond water
  • Safe for ponds containing fish and aqua flora
  • DO NOT APPLY TO PLANT LEAVES, may cause discoloration

Step 2: Pond Clarifier

  • Safest and most powerful 100% safe for all wildlife and/or household pets
  • Fast-acting liquid formulation
  • Helps clear most stubborn ponds
  • Treats discolored water
  • Can be used for problematic pondsneeding a "quick fix"
  • Natural clarifying agents to aid in settling organic debris
  • Ready-to-use formula for easy weekly application
  • Effective in all water temperatures

Step 3: Liquid Pond Bacteria

  • 100% safe for all wildlife and/or household pets
  • Billions of natural microbes in each dosage
  • Helps reduce and digest sludge and organic matter
  • Helps reduce ammonia and nitrogen levels, as well as noxious odors caused by decomposing organic matter
  • Breaks down dead algae
  • Water temperature must be a minimum of 45 degrees to activate product
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