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Submersible Fountain Halogen Light w/ Transformer


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  • Dimensions: .6" lens diameter, 2.4" lens capsule length, 3" light fixture length
  • Includes 4 color lenses (green, blue, red and yellow) & a transformer
  • Submersible
  • 8 ft cord
  • Low voltage
  • 1 year warranty


What’s better than a fountain for your garden? Lights for your fountain, of course! Say hello to the Submersible Fountain Halogen Light with Transformer. Instead of having the usual fountain, you now have a fountain that lights up, creating a warmer and more romantic feel to your garden. The light provided creates a wonderful effect on the pond and accentuates the water as well. Aside from that, this halogen light comes with interchangeable colors. So instead of using only one, it can change from red, blue, green and yellow. Now, it seems like there’s a party in your fountain. But for a more elegant touch, you might want to stick to just one color. This halogen light is also low voltage so you don’t have to worry about your electricity bills. The halogen light is still, however, powerful enough to illuminate a certain area in your garden as well. This works best at nighttime when the light is seen, but you can also turn it on during the day especially during dusk and dawn. Best of all, the halogen lights are submersible so that your guests don’t have to see them atop your fountain.


These 5 watt submersible fountain lights illuminate your fountain and highlight its features at the same time! Also comes with 4 color lenses and a transformer. This halogen light allows for a quick installation and is ready to go in seconds. It also comes with a 1 year warranty.

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