11” Tall Tilted Jar and Rock Tabletop Fountain with LED Lights View full size

11” Tall Tilted Jar and Rock Tabletop Fountain with LED Lights


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  • Dimensions: 7''L x 7''W x 11"H
  • Pump and all necessary parts included for easy assembly and operation
  • Weighs 3 lbs
  • 1 year manufacturer’s warranty


If you want to add a more natural look to your home, why not go for the 11” Tall Tilted Jar and Rock Tabletop Fountain with LED Lights? This would make a great centerpiece for any table in your home. As a tabletop fountain for your living room, this would definitely be the focal point of the room. In the kitchen, the water fountain’s design would be very contrasting to how the room looks like. You can even place it outside if you want to keep more natural designs in the garden. Just make sure to keep this in a safe place, especially if you have pets and kids. Don’t put the fountain anywhere it can easily be damaged. The tabletop fountain consists of a jar in between 3 layers of rock, giving it the impression of being a natural fountain. Turn the fountain on and watch the water fall onto the rocks below, and allow yourself to be relaxed by the sound of flowing water. Now, you get this pleasure everyday if you purchase the tabletop fountain.


This Tilted Jar and Rock Fountain is magnificently handcrafted with the finest attention to detail making it a great decoration either indoors or outdoors. The beauty of this fountain’s design, along with the flowing water will provide any area a tranquil ambiance.  It also comes with a 1 year manufacturer’s warranty.

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