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Eternity Calming Bamboo Tabletop Fountain


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  • 10”L x 10”W x 11”H
  • 1 year manufacturer’s warranty


This tabletop fountain definitely looks the part – it looks very natural and realistic, as if it was just picked out from the side of a stream or river. The Eternity Calming Bamboo Tabletop Fountain is perfect for nature-lovers. And, it does exactly what its name says. It can calm you after a long and stressful day, making it the perfect way to end the day. Although the bamboo and leaves are artificial, they look realistic enough that you’d think they were the real thing! Place this inside your home and you’re definitely bringing your garden inside. You can opt to make it an outdoor fountain; just find a suitable and safe place for it.

This water fountain is handcrafted for unique attention and fine detail.  Using the natural sound of flowing water, this indoor water feature creates a soothing effect in just about any setting due to its unique design and generous size.  It also comes with a one year warranty on the pump.

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