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Kenroy Tranquila Tabletop Fountain


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  • Dimensions: 10”L x 10”W x 5”H 
  • On/Off Line Switch 
  • Oil Canister with Wick Included (Oil not Included) 
  • Has a Classic Bronze Finish
  • Polished River Stones, White Sand and Rake Included
  • 1 year manufacturer’s warranty


From, afar this looks like a Bento Box filled with soup. But that’s the thing with the KenroyTranquila Tabletop Fountain – aside from making you crave for a Bento Box, it’s probably the only water fountain you’ll see with that kind of design. After all, only Kenroy Home has the ability to be that innovative when it comes to designing a fountain. Actually, the tabletop fountain’s design is patterned from your regular bento box. It’s divided into 4 compartments – each with its own unique design, and two of which are the actual fountains. Thanks to its light weight as well as compact size and shape, this can easily be placed anywhere. For instance, if you place it initially in your dining table but you’re getting tired of looking at it in the same area, you can move it to the living room or even the kitchen. The sound of flowing water is definitely relaxing, and the design of this tabletop fountain is perfect for the kitchen.


Combining 4 different elements on one piece, the Tranquila Tabletop Fountain by Kenroy Home will give any room a Zen ambiance.  Featuring a small fountain, sand garden, rock garden and oil candle, this indoor water feature will make a wonderful gift. It comes with a 1 year manufacturer’s warranty.


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