Outdoor Lighting

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Outdoor lighting increases the appeal of your house. The use of landscape lighting emphasizes architectural features of your house, indoors and outdoors. By carefully choosing the right type of outdoor lighting, key features of your landscape will be highlighted day and night, such as trees, gardens and ponds. It is also a measure of safety by providing light to pathways, driveways and entryways to your home. Have cost-efficient lights by decorating your garden landscape through our Solar Lights, which charges by day and automatically lights up at night. Also, our low voltage submersible halogen lights will make your fountain, pond or waterfalls stand out. Some of the various types of lighting we offer are landscape lighting or even pond/fountain lighting, you’ve come to the right place. We offer all Alpine lighting products including Luminosity LED Lights, Power Beam Halogen Lights, Illumination Halogen Lights, Garden & Underwater Lights and Fountain Lights, as well as transformers, photocell programmable timers, replacement bulbs and accessories for landscape and pond lighting installation. Most of our lights come with 1-2 years manufacturer’s warranty.