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Pond products can help enhance the beauty and cleanliness of any pond. Most ponds require 3 basic components to properly circulate water and for maintenance. Of course, this may vary by set up, but ideally, you can take a submersible pump to take water from the pond, run it to and through a filter (preferably with a UV clarifier to assure a clear and non-murky look) and then have the water run back to the pond through a waterfall system for a very captivating and natural look. You may also opt to use liquid formulas to ensure a clean and healthy environment for koi and other fish. For example, rock scrubbers are ideal helps break down stubborn debris. Pond classifier formulas, on the other hand, can act as a "quick fix" to assure clearer looking water and helps treat discoloring. And more importantly, liquid pond bacteria are highly beneficial for the health of wildlife as it introduces "good bacteria" into your pond which helps reduce nitrogen levels, ammonia, and odors resulting from decomposing organic matter. If you are looking to enhance the look of your pond, look no further than creating waterfall systems using submersible pond pumps and accentuating specific areas of the pond using lighting. We carry a wide variety of submersible pond lights that can be placed right under waterfalls for a truly captivating look. Many of our lights are versatile and can be daisy chained using one transformer for efficiency.