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garden gnome

The Ever Popular Garden Gnomes

Did you know that garden gnomes were first produced in Germany? They were first made by Phillipp Griebel and August Heissner. “Gartenzwerg” is what they call it. Up to now, they are still being sold on the market with Griebel gnomes that come with a Certificate of Authenticity and Heissner gnomes sporting a red Heissner seal, retailing for over a hundred dollars a piece.
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Get to Know Our Suppliers

Garden & Pond Depot strives to become one of the leading online retailers of indoor and outdoor fountains, garden decorations, fountain and pond pumps and outdoor lighting. We offer a diverse selection of products to address our customers’ needs. We carry items from only the top manufacturers in the industry to ensure that we are offering the highest quality possible. At present, we are carrying products from Bond Manufacturing, Henri Studio, Kenroy Home and Alpine Corporation. Find out more about these companies here.
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