Brighten Up your Garden with some Ornaments!

There might come a time where you get bored with what’s in your garden – this happens to everyone, don’t worry. After a while, you’ll get tired of seeing the same things in your garden and you start itching for a change. Since your garden says a lot about your personality, you might want to keep it fun and vibrant. Your plants might not be enough to do the trick, so it’s time to bring the big guns in (so to speak). There are a lot of garden accessories and ornaments you can choose from.

garden ornaments

When should I use garden ornaments?

Traditionally, people only bring out their garden ornaments during special occasions. For instance, people decorate their gardens with garlands and ornaments during the Christmas season, and bring out even more decorations for Halloween and other festive occasions. You don’t have to limit yourself to this – you can bring out your garden ornaments whatever time of the year it is.

How durable are these garden ornaments?

Garden ornaments are made to withstand different weather conditions, but this will all depend not only on the brand of ornament, but on what kind of ornament it is. Fragile ornaments like those made of glass might have a shorter life span. To be safe, it’s better to bring your ornaments in especially during extremely bad weather.

What kinds of garden ornaments are available?

Depending on how creative and resourceful you are, anything can be made into a garden ornament. Old jars and bottles can be used as light sources for your garden. Here are a few of the more typical and readymade ornaments available:

  • Sculptures and figurines

The list is endless when it comes to what kind of sculptures you can put in your garden. There are angel figurines, dragons, little kids – anything under the sun. You can even have a replica of some famous statues to make your garden look more elegant. Stone, concrete, metal and terracotta are just some of the materials used to make statues.

  • Sundials

If you want something even more classic, this is a perfect option. Sundials go way back in ancient Egyptian times – it was used to tell time based on the shadow caused by the sun’s rays.

  • Gnomes

Garden gnomes are a perfect way to brighten up the mood in your garden. Nowadays they don’t only look like old men with long beards. Gnomes have been designed to look younger, and female versions have also been made, too.

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