Basic Type of Decorative Water Features and Pumps

Apart from being a beautiful sight in any space from garden, home, offices to entrances, water features are also popular for their ability to give calmness and relaxation to the area.

Usable for both indoors and outdoors with available electricity, water features come in an array of designs, whether you want them traditional with urns and bowls pouring out water, or contemporary circles and cylinders of stainless material.


Glass waterfall fountain

Glass waterfall fountain

1. Stainless Steel – The contemporary kind of water feature, they are resistant to any weather; hence, you can use them not only indoors but outdoors as well. Because of its mirror effect, stainless steel water fountains are especially good at reflecting lights and mirrors near its site; thereby, giving a beautiful sight to any space.

2. Glass – You can use light bulbs that change color, or LEDs, to give it a great, soothing effect with water and the light itself when you have them lit from inside. Glass waterfall fountains are perfect in the office, hotel lobby and restaurant.

3. Resin – They are called resin water fountain because this is the material content of this type of garden water feature. Although they give an effect that makes it look like a real rock waterfall fountain or stone waterfall fountain, they are much lighter and can be molded into any shape. They can be moved easily and definitely cheaper than a real carved rock.


Waterfall Tabletop Fountain

4. Stone – These original stone waterfall fountains can be comprised of stone or granite lumps either polished or with a hole drilled through. Others have light insets on the stone.

Note that these features are mostly self-contained so they don’t need much installation or maintenance. Once you plug them, just add water. Another type of modern fountains are rock waterfall fountains outdoor and indoor which are known for decorative in design.

Site Location

You can have your water feature placed anywhere because they can be used either indoors or outdoors. They also have a cable with a length of 10m so you can install them at your desired location. Some water features look nice with a wall or fence backdrop, some look nice without it as well so it really is just a matter of preference or accordance to your garden or patio theme.

Electrical Installation Tips


Hybrid Powered 280gph Garden Pump w/ Solar Panel

Note that although the transformer used on water features has minimal voltage and is rainproof, you need to place it in a free draining position. To prolong its life, have them stored in a shed or in a box that’s weatherproof. If you notice that the transformer gets hot when switched, no need for alarm as this is perfectly normal. Should you happen to connect your water feature to an outdoor main outlet, make sure that it is waterproof. It would be wise to make use of a residual current device (RCD), or circuit breaker, if you are connecting a water fountain to an electric supply.

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You’ve spent quite an amount to have your water feature be the main attraction in your garden, so it’s only proper that you take good care of it so it won’t go to waste.

  •  Make sure that the small submersible fountain pumps are fully submerged; the fountain must always have sufficient water.
  •  Regularly clean and top up water.
  •  For water to be clean and clear, use Fountain Fresh.
  •  Clean the fountain with a cloth drenched in warm water.
  •  Remember to turn the fountain power off before you start cleaning.
  •  Ensure that the pump would never ever run dry; otherwise, damage can occur and warranty gets discredited.

Maintenance During Cold/ Winter Season

●  Ice should never form in the bowls to avoid cracking it.
●  Drain water from both the bowl and the main reservoir inside the water fountain. If you are having difficulty, place a towel inside the back so that excess water can be soaked up.
●  After draining, you can apply a winter protection outdoor fountain cover.

Of course, another option to do away with all these steps solar bird bath fountain water pump maintenance would be to drain the fountain and cover it for storage indoors. Make sure to take out the pump and store in a dry area as well.

Troubleshooting Tips for Large and Small Water Fountain Pump

1. What if the water pump for fountains has stopped running?

  • Solar powered water pump for fountain

    Solar powered water pump for fountains

     First of all, check to make sure the power is properly plugged.

  •  Check the reservoir to make sure it has an adequate amount of water.
  •  Check the solar powered fountain pump and tubing making sure it does not have any blockage.
  •  Remove the flow adjuster, which is the cover found on the pump’s side, to show the pump impeller. Turn the pump motor gently so see if it’s jammed or broken.

2. What if the fountain pump with light is in working condition, but there is no sufficient flow?

  •  Check if the flow regulator on pump is turned up.
  • Make sure that the the small submersible fountain pumps are fully submerged in water.

3. What is the best thing to do if the tabletop fountain pumps is making a slight rattling noise?

  • Holding the impeller securely, slowly take out the rotor assembly of the water pump for small fountain. If there’s any debris, you can rinse this out with pump housing.
  • Should you find any breakage or surface damage on the rotor assembly of your solar powered water pump for fountains, contact your customer care team.
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4. What is your water fountain’s guarantee?

  • All water features come with a 12 month guarantee that’s valid from the date it was purchased.

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