Keep your Fountain Looking Good and Working Optimally

A fountain can do your home or your garden wonders – you probably know that already. In fact, you might have a fountain or two already installed in your home! Perhaps you had these installed to boost the look of your home, or to add a more decorative element. Whatever the reason, your home is now one step closer to nature with a fountain around. Aside from that, fountains are also known to bring fortune and luck to any home, thanks to its water element. However, do you think a broken fountain can still bring you fortune? One thing’s for sure – a malfunctioning fountain doesn’t deserve a place in your home. So what should you do? Remember – prevention is always better than cure. That works for fountains, too.

To maintain your fountain looking good and working properly, bare in mind the following tips:

  • Place your fountains on stable ground.

Although this is part of the installation process, it is still a crucial aspect to making your fountain work optimally. Where you put your fountain determines how it will function. If ever your fountain isn’t on level ground, a quick fix would be to place silicone sealants. This helps control the flow of water while at the same time allowing your fountain to look as good.

  • Make use and take good care of your fountain pumps.

These fountain pumps are what keep your fountain going so you better make sure they’re working properly. Remember, indoor pumps are a bit different from your outdoor pumps (just in case you have fountains inside and outside the house). Being outside, outdoor pumps are more prone to being clogged by elements blown by the wind and other debris. When this happens, make sure to take the debris out right away to prevent further damage. With indoor pumps, you just need to do some periodic adjusting to ensure the harmonious flow of water.

  • Use distilled water.

Using distilled water helps prevent algae from building up, but it can be rather costly. You can opt for a fountain care product that produces the same effect if that’s better for your budget.

  • Clean your fountain regularly.

If you want your fountain to look good for a long time, then make sure to clean it regularly. Some fountains can be cleaned just by wiping it with a cloth or sponge. If your fountain is made from copper with a powder coat finish, NEVER use a copper cleaner as this will cause your fountain to age faster. Furniture cleaner (e.g. Pledge) placed on a soft cloth is your best option.

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