What Wall Fountains can Do for your Home

Gone are the days when fountains come in rather limited designs and styles, which in turn limit how you can make use of them. Today, more and more fountains are being made in different styles and designs. These include tabletop fountains and even wall fountains, which change how we think about fountains. Of course these fountains retain their aesthetic quality but aside from that, they’re also becoming functional. Let’s take a closer look at these wall fountains.

wall fountain
These wall fountains are among the best water features that you can install either inside or outside your home. You don’t need to limit yourself to using them outside your home; after all, they make good focal points when placed in your living room or in any other room in your home. Just like other fountains, these wall fountains can be made from a variety of materials including steel, ceramic and glass, the choice of which depends entirely on you. The great thing about wall fountains is that they provide an all-natural look to your home, which comes as no surprise since they’re patterned from the colorful and textured slates found in nature. So what are a few advantages of having these fountains in your home?

It’s an excellent space saver!

Among the many benefits provided by wall fountains is that it’s an excellent space saver. Instead of opting for extravagant and big fountains for your home, you can create the same (or perhaps, better) effect with something smaller but still as beautiful. You don’t need to allot a special space for a wall fountain – all it needs is a bare area of your wall, and you’re good to go.

It’s all about the aesthetics.

There’s no such thing as an ugly wall fountain. Any wall fountain brings with it a touch of beauty and even a dramatic feel. Since you have a lot of designs to choose from, you can make sure that your wall fountain matches well with the interior design of your home.

Bird magnet?

It might sound absurd, but a wall fountain outside in your garden actually attracts a lot of birds. You don’t need to purchase a birdbath especially if you already have a wall fountain. This will bring more color into your garden as well as a more pleasant atmosphere.


We’re all looking for something that would last through the test of time, and your wall fountain is no exception. A particular favorite is the fiberglass material, because of its durability but aesthetic quality as well.

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