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24” Tall Buddha Fountain with LED Lights


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Welcome some Zen into your home with the 24” Tall Buddha Fountain with LED Lights. You’re sure to bring some FengShui into your home or office with this fountain. Eastern philosophy also believes that the statue of Buddha, which means ‘The Enlightened One’, brings good fortune to anyone who possesses it.

To add to that, the sound of flowing water will make you forget about how stressful your day was, and allow you to simply enjoy the tranquility and peace that the Buddha water fountain brings. If you have guests over, expect them to be drawn to the fountain as well. The LED lights will get them even more attracted to it, and adds to the aura that the large buddha fountain brings to your home. This stone water fountain can be a good place to meditate or to simply unwind after a long day. Getting into a peaceful and serene state will be much easier if you have this at home.

Description of the Water Fountain

Handcrafted from cast stone resin, this Buddha garden fountain brings with it an antique yet sophisticated look. The durable materials with which it is made of allows the fountain to be used both indoors and outdoors. The package is complete with LED light and pump, so you’re guaranteed of a plumbing-free, mess-free, hassle-free and expense-free installation. Also, Buddha outdoor fountain comes with a 1 year limited manufacturer’s warranty.




  • Dimensions: 15"L x 13"W x 24"H
  • Can be used indoors and outdoors
  • Made of cast stone resin
  • Complete with the LED light and pump
  • 1 year limited manufacturer's warranty
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