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21" Tall Three Stacked Garden Gnome Statue


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  • Garden Decoration
  • Dimensions: 7"L X 7"W X 21"H
  • Made of cast stone resin
  • Weighs 5 lbs
  • 1 year manufacturer’s warranty


What could be better or cuter than one gnome? Three gnomes, of course! The 21” Tall Three Stacked Garden Gnome Statue proves that three’s still a company, as they make a great addition to your home or garden. Instead of buying gnome one by one, this statue has all 3 of them, stacked on top of one another, as if trying to peek through the fence. This would look perfect in your garden as the colors match well with the predominant green color of the plants. As if this statue isn’t enough, you could even add more gnomes to your ever-growing collection. You can add them to your garden as accessories, and eventually you’ll have a whole village of gnomes. Who needs a Christmas village when you have a village of gnomes? These gnomes would make great Christmas decorations even during the winter, thanks to their durability. So don’t worry about placing them in your garden during winter. These are built to last.


If you like gnomes, make sure not to miss out on the Three Stacked Garden Gnome Statue. Featuring three delightful gnomes on top of each other, it’s a great way to add a sense of humor to your garden décor. It’s made from cast stone resin that won’t fade or crack on the outdoors. This garden gnome statue is simply a great piece to have because it’s just so adorable.

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