Solar Snowflake Garden Stake with LED Light

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  • Dimensions: 4"L x 2"W x 32"H 
  • Comes with a Blue LED Light
  • With solar panel attached to stake
  • Available in Blue or White LED Light
  • Includes 1 piece



Do you find that your garden is a bit dull and boring? Enough with the plants and greens, it’s time to bring a new color in. Instead of opting for the usual, why not try other accessories for your garden? The Solar Snowflake Garden Stake with Blue LED Light isn’t only a unique addition to your garden, but a cost and energy-efficient one, too. Since it is solar powered, all you need is to find a well-lit area in your garden and you’re good to go. Let your garden decorations get all the power they need when the sun is up, and come night time, it’s powerful enough to light up your garden – also because it makes use of an LED light. The design is also worth noting – for you winter lovers out there, the snowflake design will definitely delight you. The blue color is also rather reflective of winter, so even if it’s not the holidays yet, your garden looks just like winter (maybe not as cold, though). If you think your garden needs more, don’t hesitate in buying more of these garden stakes.

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