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10" Blue Mosaic Glass Gazing Globe


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  • Dimensions:10"L x 10"W x 11"H
  • Mosaic Glass



Feel like your garden is losing its sparkle? Tried out fountains, bird baths and lamps but they’re still not quite doing the trick? Don’t worry – there’s an answer to your problem, which comes in the form of the 10” Blue Mosaic Glass Gazing Globe. This garden decoration may not be powerful enough to light up your whole garden, but it’s an ornament exquisite enough to catch everyone’s attention. For the starters, the blue-on-green color that the Glass Gazing Globe provides to your garden is such a good contrast that you’d have to be blind for you not to notice this. From afar, it looks like a disco ball thanks to the pattern of the glass on the ball. But aside from that, the glass shards are able to reflect light and further accentuate the lighting in your garden, providing for an even more aesthetically-pleasing experience. You can put this Glass Gazing Globe as a centerpiece, which is great if you love hosting parties. You can also put this atop any of the pillars you have in your garden. Or, you can also place this Glass Gazing Globe inside your home as an ornament. It’s guaranteed to look great wherever it’s placed.


Add a fun and creative addition to any garden or patio with this beautiful gazing globe.  Handcrafted with amazing attention to detail, this globe will surely catch eyes and capture attention.

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