Flipo Blue Solar String LED Lights

50 LED
100 LED
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  • 50 LED: 16 1/2' of lights with 6 1/2" lead.
  • 100 LED: 32 3/4" of lights with 6 1/2" lead.
  • Stays lit for hours
  • Automatic comes on at dusk
  • LED's are Rated at 100,000 hours of life
  • Rated at 15-30 lumens
  • Battery included



Say good bye to plugs and limits of a extention cord. These Solar LED string lights will light up your deck, stairs, pathways, gazeebos, pergola, anywhere there is sun in the day to chage the solar cell.  Plus no more exspensve electric bills, and it's eco frinedly. Incldes everthing you need, and under proper charge will last 8-10 hours.


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