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All-In One- Pond Filter System

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  •  2- Stage Filtration with high capacity to remove solids
  • Bio Filter for Bacteria Growth
  • Quiet-One Pump with 20’ Cord
  • 13 Watt UV Light with 20’ cord
  • Water Spray Attachment, with leveling ball joint.
  • Convenient handle for removal
  • 3.3 ft maximum depth
  • Available in three sizes
    • Single - Up to 1000 Gal
    • Double -Up to 1500 Gal
    • Triple – Up to 2000 Gal

Add the convenience of an all-in-one unit to your pond with this unit from Lifegard. Includes, a pump, filter and UV light all in one unit. Simply drop in the pond, plug it in and you’re ready to go.

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